earthling developments

Hello and welcome,

Here is my little corner of the web. Always fascinated with the flows and cross flows of information, I started developing for the web in the late 90's. At first with basic HTML then moving to perl/sql based CGI, progressing to PHP around the turn of the millennium, then adding javascript and CSS shortly after.

Since then I have moved on to CMS platforms in the mid 2000's, finding wordpress plug-ins and Joomla modules to be very popular and enjoyable to work with, combining pre-made plug-ins into custom made themes then creating a few of my own.

Always keen to learn new ways to create, I have recently learnt the wonderful PHP framework Laravel, a truly poetic and powerful tool to create complex modern web 2.0 applications.

I encourage you to take a look around my site and familiarise yourself with how I can enhance your business’s IT platform. I enjoy challenges and am open to considering any project or simply offer general advice.

Here are some of the tools I use,

laravel HTML5 mysql jQuery PHP ajax CSS3 JavaScript XML bootstrap w3c Drupal Drupal Magento opencart modX Wordpress wooCommerce worldpay facebook google maps paypal twitter api google translate